Active Funding Campaign

This funding campaign is to assist the Inner City Entrepreneur (ICE) Institute in continuing its flagship BizCamp Program as well as continuing an innovative “urban farming (UF)” program called the BizCamp-UF Project/Program (BizCamp-UF) through its existing BizCamp Entrepreneurship Education and Training (BEET) Program, to address the growing public health and economic poverty issues of urban food deserts in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Since 2001, ICE has maintained its current mission to provide cutting edge entrepreneurship, life skills, and financial literacy education and training to at-risk and impoverished youth and young adults working toward self-independence.

Who will benefit from the project and how will they benefit?

BizCamp-UF is designed to educate and train at-risk impoverished youth and young adults to create and run a business while addressing the systemic public concerns of unhealthy eating and job creation within inner city communities.  Through BizCamp-UF, individuals will also benefit from a STEEM (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, and math) education through hydroponics farming, an automated agricultural growing process, and business and job development.

How will your contribution help? 

Contributions will be used to underwrite 10 – 12 student scholarships to attend the BizCamp-UF program which costs approximately $800-$1000 per student based on class size.