WHAT is BizCamp?
BizCamp is a FREE entrepreneurship training program for middle school, high school, and Job Corps students! The program was created in 2001 by the Inner City Entrepreneur (ICE) Institute, in affiliation with local universities, Caddo Parish Schools, and Shreveport Job Corps. ICE’s mission is “to create a new crop of entrepreneurs for the 21st century”.

WHEN is BizCamp?  June 5 – 16, 2023, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5pm

Daily attendance is mandatory.

The excitement continues year-round! We invite graduates to join us on special community projects, speaker presentations, parties, and field trips throughout the fall and spring. BY APPLYING FOR ADMISSION TO THE SUMMER PROGRAM, STUDENTS AGREE TO ATTEND AT LEAST THREE EVENTS THAT WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR.

WHO are the BizCamp Instructors?
BizCamp faculty will include top Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) (formerly the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Inc.) Certified Teachers who graduated from “NFTE University”. “NFTE University”, an international teacher certification program, delivers high-quality professional training to public and private school teachers and community-based youth workers.

WHERE is BizCamp held?
The majority of BizCamp activities will take place at the Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s Nursing and School of Allied Health Education Center, located at 1800 Line Avenue, Shreveport, LA. Registration will take place on the first day of camp. Parents/guardians are always given notice when BizCamp activities are held off-site.

WHY BizCamp?
• Dynamic Business workshops
• Interactive Business Education Software
• Meet motivational Business Leaders
• Participate in Market Place
• Field trips to exciting destinations
• Nutritional breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided

HOW do I join BizCamp?
Complete the attached application; send it, along with the letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, and a 100-word essay.

Application submission options:

Complete the attached application and send it to us by Friday, May 12, 2023.

Mail to: ICE Institute
820 Jordan Street, Suite 315
Shreveport, LA 71101-4518

Fax: 318-425-4235


If you have questions or need to call us for any reason, here is our phone number: 318-425-4234; or call the BizCamp Director, Lena Leviston, 318-207-4174.

BizCamp 2023 is June 5th – 16th!





Comments from BizCamp

“I appreciate the opportunity BizCamp has given my child and other youth. BizCamp has given them a good aspect of becoming an entrepreneur. BizCamp rates superior.” –
Paulette Carter—BizCamp Parent

From student evaluations:

What concept, session, or idea did you learn that was most valuable to you and why?

“That giving it all you have is better than not trying at all. When you give it all you got,
the measure of success will not have a limit.”

“To have goals. This is important to me because my goals will help me accomplish whatever it is I want to do.”

“I learned the most from the general session because the speakers were great, and I
learned a lot about life.”

What suggestions do you have to improve BizCamp?

“I have no suggestions for BizCamp; it is a very resourceful program that I would love to
tell my friends about.”

How would you rate your BizCamp experience?

“It was one of the best experiences I have went through in my life!”

“It was very resourceful to my learning experiences. I will keep what I have learned forever.”

“I rate my BizCamp experience a ten because at BizCamp I learned that the one who thinks he can is the one who succeeds.”

“I would rate it on a scale from 1—5; it would be a 4 because I had so much fun while
learning so much about entrepreneurship.”